Climate Hope Gathering

September 1-5 - Cortes Island, BC



A community committed to finding joy in our future

Climate Hope is an invitation to gather in community to build spiritual and emotional resilience to help us engage with the climate reality from a place of joy and productivity.

Together, we will call forth our creativity and find new pathways forward. At Climate Hope we will explore the wisdom teachings, traditions, and means of solace found by those in the past who have weathered great social upheaval. We will look at what modern eco-psychology can offer us and explore the issue from different cultural perspectives.  We will develop a map to embrace the uncertainty and engage the challenges from a place of strength rooted in love.

Program elements include:

  • Examining the different climate futures that may emerge

  • Spiritual Frameworks for processing grief and uncertainty

  • Psychological Insights to help us metabolize suffering into empowerment

  • Arts based processes to integrate the difficult reality we are living

  • A view into how some indigenous cultures are viewing and dealing with the climate crisis

  • Somatic tools for alleviating the impact of ecological stress on our bodies and biological systems

Brought to you by Karen Mahon and Hollyhock Leadership Institute;

Climate Hope will be the inaugural gathering for the new times we are facing together.

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Cortes Island British columbia  | September 1-5 2019



Hollyhock Cortes Island - British Columbia

Enjoy the beautiful Cortes Island campus; with garden-fresh food, stunning views, handcrafted accommodations, complimentary yoga, forest trails, hot tubs and much more. A wide range of accommodations are available to suit most budgets. Book early to ensure your first choice is available.

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About Karen Mahon

Karen Mahon is a life long environmentalist, trainer and teacher. She was a principle architect in the landmark campaigns to protect the old-growth rainforests of Clayoquot Sound and the Great Bear Rainforests on Canada’s West coast. Since then she has been working to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, develop and implement climate policy and organizing for climate justice.

Intertwined with her environmental work Karen has been a student and teacher focused on the intersection of the inner spiritual and emotional realms with the outer planetary and social crises. Steeped in Jungian psychology and Judaic and Christian mysticism, Karen has developed a framework for engaging with the climate crisis in a way that enlivens us and calls into deeper relationship with the world around us.

She lives on a tiny island off the coast of BC gardening and contemplating the paradoxical possibilities of a climate-driven mass spiritual awakening or apocalyptic social collapse.


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Photo credits:

Ocean boat, ocean Pink Sunset and Food Spread: Amanda Mary Creative

Forest And Bodywork building: Darshan Alexander

Garden Lodge: Amanda McNaughton

Hot Tub and Ocean field: Hollyhock Archive